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What do I miss as a retiree?

Uh... Nothing! I left that last day and never looked back.

Since I need more words than that to publish an article maybe I should talk about what I don't miss! Obviously the difference between being retired and not is the job so what I don't miss is all job related.

Well, I guess I didn't need 6-8 cups of coffee a day although I attribute all the caffeine to my total lack of headaches. I now subsist on 2 cups a day.
I don't miss having to get up at 6am!
I don't miss having to wear a suit and tie when visiting clients or potential clients. Now when I do wear a tie (weddings and funerals) I have to remember how to tie it. And I do after a minute or so. Eventually I am sure I will have to buy clip-ons! As a retiree I am now cargo shorts in the summer and nothing but jeans the rest of the year. T-shirts have obviously replaced dress shirts. Yep... I don't miss those suits or even "office casual" wear.

The biggest “I don't miss” was the commute. I spent two and a half to three hours a day commuting. An hour and a half in bumper to bumper traffic in the morning didn't get the day off to a good start. Since I felt like I lived in a car it was important to have a decent one, one I could relax in while sitting on I95. I opted for the Honda Accord EX-L, also known as a “poor man's Acura”. I had everything I needed to live my life on the interstate.

traffic jamI didn't spend my time gripping the steering wheel and staring ahead waiting to move. I wasn't one of those butt-heads around me who kept beeping their horn and yelling obscenities as if that could make traffic suddenly move. Instead I managed to go through an audio book every 3 days or so. Harry Bosch books by Michael Connelly were my favorite to listen to. Sports talk radio filled in some time, especially after a Philly team won a big game. Then there was time spent just observing those around me. There was the lady in a Toyota Camry who I often saw drumming on her steering wheel to whatever music she was playing; the guy with his laptop on his dashboard getting an early start on his work. Then there were all the nose pickers who thought no one would notice them behind the privacy of their slightly tinted windows. Yes, I tried to make the best of the commute but I don't miss it. Now I get up in the morning and there are traffic reports on TV. I just smile that I no longer have to deal with it.

Another thing I don't miss is the job itself. I was in sales and marketing for a small family owned business. No, I wasn't a family member. I was there almost 20 years and initially liked it. Several years before retiring the sons took over running most of the business. Not good! Two guys who had no idea what they were doing. Two guys who were completely opposite and always at odds with each other. Two guys who knew nothing about employee relations. Anger issues were the norm for both of them. I was often the older, more mature referee between them. They took the fun out of working there. That is just skimming the surface.

A lasting benefit of my job is that one of my responsibilities was developing and maintaining the company website. Before retiring I started a web design business. I do websites as they come in mostly by referral. I don't see it as work, as not really being retired, but as a hobby I can make money at from the comfort of a sofa!
We are just two seniors enjoying life, our golden years, taking advantage of our retirement benefits. Ah... Retired life is good!

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