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Retired or Retiring? Rescue a Dog!

I know many people have pets, possibly for decades. During more than 40 years of marriage my wife Peggy and I never had pets in the house. It wasn't that we had a problem with it. We were just too busy trying to raise 4 daughters. That can make affording some pets difficult.

dog rescueOnce our daughters grew up and moved out they all finally got pets. 2 have dogs and 2 have cats. Needless to say they unanimously felt a dog would be good for us. Peg retired first, about a year and a half before me. We discussed what our daughters suggested, did a little research and about 6 months before I retired... Enter Gibbs! Gibbs may be the most positive retirement move we have made. He is an extremely lovable 70 pound “Pit-mix” who immediately became an important part of our family.

It didn't take much research to decide on a dog from an animal rescue. We saw so many dogs online that needed homes. Many were strays but sadly, way too many were abused. These dogs and cats deserve good homes with people who will love them and take care of them. Anyway, we zeroed in on Wags Dog Rescue outside of Philly and took a liking to Gibbs just from his photo. One Sunday we went to a pet adoption event, payed the $300 adoption fee and Gibbs had a family! Wags Dog Rescue got him from an animal shelter (aka a kill shelter) in North Carolina where they tagged him with the name Otter. Seriously! That had to change. We quickly renamed him after the main character on the NCIS TV show.

How does Gibbs benefit our retirement? More than anything else we get to share a lot of love back and forth. He is so much fun to have around. He loves people and thinks everyone who visits us is actually there to visit him. He also helps us stay healthy by walking him several times a day. In addition, thanks to our walks with him, we have met so many new people, This includes neighbors on our street we never saw until we adopted him. Of course while we are meeting people, Gibbs is meeting their dogs. He loves his dog friends and enjoys walking with them.

So, for us a dog was a great retirement move. Good for our health, both physical and mental, and of course great for Gibbs. If you are retired or retiring soon and you don't have a pet then do yourself and a needy animal a big favor. Pets for seniors is a great idea. Rescue a pet.

- 8 June 2018 at 07:18pm

Send him down to me for a week!!!!!!
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