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Seniors Looking and Feeling Younger

Aging? Who's aging!

Recently I made my weekly trip to a local deli. The lady who waited on me smiled and said it was her birthday. Then she frowned and said she hates getting so old. So I asked, “Old? How old are you?”. She responded by saying she is “celebrating the BIG 6-0”. I let her know that being 60 isn't so bad and that she is much younger than me. Of course that turned the table as she now asked how old I was. I responded with “the BIG 7-0!”. She looked surprised and said, “Wow! You are well preserved for your age!”. I guess that is sort of a left handed compliment but I took it in the positive way I know she meant it.

seniors aging wellThe thing is people are looking younger at 50... 60... and even 70 than previous generations did. Most tend to be more health conscious and stay in better shape which helps to keep us feeling young and aging slower. In a recent conversation with a friend I mentioned how much older my parents and their friends looked at various ages compared to us. They appeared older looking in their 40's than we did in out 50's. Looking at our daughters and their mates, who are now mostly in their 40's, they appear even younger than we did. Each generation seems to be aging better than the previous. You used to hear how 40 was the new 30, then 50 is the new 30. There is some validity to that. Your 40's are no longer the beginning of middle age. Maybe your 50's? 55?

So here I am at 70, my wife Peggy at 69. We are healthy seniors who feel really great. We both weigh within a few pounds of when we got married 49 years ago. Okay, things have shifted around a little but in general we are in good shape! This isn't what I expected 70 to feel like 50 years ago. Is 70 the new 30 now? Not quite, but to me it feels like the new 50. Retirement is great when you look and feel healthy. Time to walk our dog Gibbs, the highlight of our day! Walking him is one of the things that keep us feeling and looking good. 

Tom Smith
- 18 June 2018 at 05:50pm

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